YouTube updates YouTube Studio and includes new metrics

YouTube updates YouTube Studio and includes new metrics

YouTube rolled out an update for the YouTube Studio aimed at giving creators information that can help them grow on YouTube. 

YouTube introduced 3 new metrics in YouTube Analytics:

  • Impressions - Counts views of your video thumbnails. Only counts on YouTube (homepage, subscription feed, search and "up-next" section. Learn more.

  • Impressions click-through rate - Percentage of impressions that turned into views. As click-through rate is based on impressions, having effective thumbnails will greatly affect this metric. You can use this information to optimize your titles and thumbnails. Learn more.

  • Unique viewers - Estimate number of different people who watch your videos over a period of time. Useful to compare to your subscriber base and identify videos that reached a wider audience. You can use this information to guide your content strategy for future videos.


These metrics are rolling out to a small number of creators on March 7, 2018, and in a few weeks after to everyone. This update will also be available on Creator Studio Classic a few weeks after that. 

Learn more:


YouTube also introduced the YouTube Studio Dashboard, a "one stop shop" for data that has personalized recommendations, which include content from the Creator Academy, your latest video performance and comparison to previous uploads, and access to news about everything that affects the creator community.


The Dashboard will also roll out to all channels in the next couple of weeks.

For the official YouTube blog post, click here.

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