YouTube discusses creators influence, responsibilities and penalties

YouTube discusses creators influence, responsibilities and penalties

In a recent post made in the their blog, YouTube addressed the creators as influencers, their responsibilities, and added additional steps to prevent them from harming the YouTube community, the viewers and the advertisers with their content.

YouTube has a strong believe in freedom of expression so the instances in which these steps are implemented should be rare. However, YouTube reiterates the importance of following the Terms of Service, the Community GuidelinesAdvertiser-friendly guidelines, and makes a note that severe, egregious, or repeated violations are all taken into consideration when enforcing their policies. Additionally, penalties may be applied temporarily or indefinitely, based on the severity of the creator's actions, and thus may differ depending on the case.

Additional steps:

  1. Premium Monetization Programs, Promotion and Content Development Partnerships. A channel may be removed by YouTube from Google Preferred and also suspend, cancel or remove a creator’s YouTube Original.
  2. Monetization and Creator Support Privileges. YouTube may suspend a channel’s ability to serve ads, ability to earn revenue and potentially remove a channel from the YouTube Partner Program, including creator support and access to their YouTube Spaces.
  3. Video Recommendations. YouTube may remove a channel’s eligibility to be recommended on YouTube, such as appearing on YouTube's home page, trending tab or watch next.


For more information, please visit this article from YouTube.

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