Why did I not get paid?

Why did I not get paid?

There can be some scenarios that could result in you not receiving your earnings, however, it could also be that you just need clarification on the payment process. Below are some common payment related scenarios.

Your payment is not due for this month

When checking your earnings in the Freedom! Partner Dashboard you can:

- Check the date of your next payment and what will be the amount to be paid, at the top of the page.
- Check your "Balance" column for earch of the earning sources listed (learn more).


 To check when your payments are due, you can also review Freedom!’s payment schedule here.


Violation of YouTube's rules

If you have violated any of YouTube's Terms of Services, Community Guidelines or Copyright Guidelines, YouTube may revoke your earnings. In case of copyright content, the original copyright holder may claim the earnings, so these earnings may be deducted from your payout.

Violation of Freedom!'s agreement

If you have violated the terms of the Freedom!’s agreement, Freedom! will have no obligation to pay any amounts (clause 4.2).

Your channel has been terminated by YouTube

If your channel has been terminated by either violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines, or Copyright Guidelines, Freedom! will have no obligation to pay any remaining amounts, as per our agreement (clause 4.2). However, if you are able to get your channel reinstated, we will review the payment situation.

Botted views

If you, or someone else has been botting views on your channel, the views will not count as legitimate views. In other words: the videos may not have been watched by humans or persons with a genuine interest in the videos, which means that the ads were not properly served. Because of this, any revenue generated was obtained by not following YouTube's terms which means that the advertisers may request for the payment they made for those ads.


When using PayPal, you have to accept the payment

PayPal requires certain users to accept the payment. This is usually the case if you did not add USD (US dollars) as a currency in your PayPal. In order to accept your payment, open the email associated with the PayPal account, and search for an email from PayPal. Follow the steps provided in the email, and you have successfully accepted your transaction. This usually needs to be done only once. NOTE: Be aware of phishing emails. Make sure the sender of the email is PayPal, and nobody else.

PayPal errors & limitations

PayPal might be available in your country, but limited. A limitation could be that you are able to send money, but not receive money (from Freedom, for example). Click here to see if PayPal in your country allows you to receive earnings. If you are not able to resolve the issue associated to your PayPal account, check if you qualify to receive payments through Tipalti, by clicking here.


Tipalti payment didn't go through because of missing information

If you are using Tipalti as a payment method, make sure that the information you provided in your Freedom! account is correct. If you chose to receive payment directly to your bank account, note that in some countries, and depending on the bank that will receive the payment, there may be a need of making a currency conversion, or that additional documentation will be requested to your bank in order for it to accept the payment. Make sure to follow up with your bank for instructions on how to the transfer for payment.


If you believe that none of the scenarios above apply to your current situation, do not hesitate to contact us and describe in detail the issue. You can open a support ticket by clicking in the "Submit a request" link at the top of this page or by clicking here.

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