Why can't I monetize my video(s)?

Why can't I monetize my video(s)?

In some cases, YouTube may reject the monetization of certain videos. Here are a few examples:

Partnered with Freedom!

  • YouTube is having issues updating your account status when you first join Freedom! (the process of moving over from Adsense to Freedom! can take up to a few hours).

Third Party Disputes

  • You upload a video and it is claimed by a third party for music violations. In this case, you are unable to monetize your video without disputing or recognizing the claim (only dispute if you own the rights completely). 

Copyright Strikes

  • YouTube can disable your monetization option because of a copyright strike on your channel. You get a copyright strikes from YouTube when you use someone else's content without their permission (concerts, news/sports footage).


Community Guideline Strikes

  • YouTube can also disable your channel or monetization when you upload content that's against the YouTube Community Guidelines. Note that you may appeal but if your appeal is uphold by YouTube you will only be able to appeal again in 60 days.

If you don't match one of these scenarios, feel free to reach out to our support team! Make sure to select ticket type Monetization if you do so!

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