How does YouTube revenue work and how can I see it?

How does YouTube revenue work and how can I see it?

We enable YouTube Revenue view for every Freedom! partner (some networks choose to hide this). This way, you can see exactly how much you are earning directly from YouTube. YouTube will pay you a revenue share of all advertising that plays around your videos. Even mobile views are monetized for all Freedom! partners in countries that are eligible for mobile advertising by YouTube.

To view your earnings you just need to check your YouTube Analytics page. The YouTube Analytics is usually updated with a delay of about 48 hours. 

Keep in mind that the revenue you see on YouTube, as YouTube mentions, it's an estimate. Also, it's from that revenue that Freedom! will take a percentage.

Please note that Freedom! no longer provides MCN services, but if you are looking for MCN specific services, please reach out to our support team at and we will check if we can recommend an MCN for you. Take a couple of minutes to also check our Talent Management agency at to see what we can do for you.

Updated: 2021-04-20
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