What is Heartbeat? What features does Heartbeat provide?

What is Heartbeat? What features does Heartbeat provide?

Heartbeat aims to be the only chrome extension for YouTube you'll ever need. It provides many tweaks for viewers and creators to fix YouTube to meet your tastes and provide a deeper sense of community on YouTube, Twitch, Smashcast, Dailymotion and more!



- Tag Finder to help users with related video and search traffic.
- Video Preview: Hover over a thumbnail for a video preview
- Find YouTube tags for better SEO and discoverability!
- View videos that are trending now in your areas of interest!
- Dark Mode for night-time viewing
- Add your own website to YouTube as part of your channel page
- Search YouTube comments more easily
- manage comments and subscribers
- Add one-click YouTube icons for Video Manager, Analytics and comments
- Pick a random winner fairly from your comments
- Built in support for YouTube creators directly on the my videos page.
- Ratings preview (the green-red bar below video thumbnails)


- Estimated earnings for each video
- View monetization and network information.
- Social stats on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
- View and copy all video meta tags
- Copy YouTube annotations to your videos
- Auto-repeat button



- Channel backgrounds are back with Heartbeat!
- Track view growth per day or month
- Track subscriber growth per day or month
- Track video count
- YouTube growth advice and tutorials built right in
- Full YouTube statistical breakdown of every channel!
- Community channels can now track all activities performed by the channel
- Embed website on channels page


- Dark mode for night time viewing with low eye strain.



- Block Seen In Chat

Visit www.heartbeat.tm to download Heartbeat.

Go to www.youtube.com after installing Heartbeat to see all the new YouTube features!

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