How can I apply to create my own MCN on YouTube?

How can I apply to create my own MCN on YouTube?

Applying to create an MCN requires several steps, time and a considerable amount of work. Because there isn’t much information available on this topic, we will give you a few guidelines.
What is an MCN?
An MCN is a Multi Channel Network, and on YouTube, they are third-party service providers that can affiliate with multiple YouTube channels. What this means is that all MCN’s are responsible for providing value to their creators, and this includes using YouTube’s best practices, such as:

  • Don’t use misleading language to get channels to join your network
  • Follow YouTube’s Terms of Services
  • Have a contract that is clear about what is provided and what are the obligations of a partner
  • Be transparent about what services you offer and how they work

For more details, click here.
Business proposal
Before you can apply to create your own MCN you will need a business proposal and that starts with a solid plan, which is the most important part. As stated above, MCN’s are service providers, so you will need to clearly state what kind of service(s) and value are you able to provide to channels on top of what YouTube is currently providing.
Ideally, you should already be providing said services to a number of people (followers/affiliates) so that you can present data on how those services are being provided, how many people are using it, and how they added value to your customers/community. This means that you should already have:

  • A team of people that can provide adequate support for the services you are providing
  • A group of people that is using your services
  • A recognizable brand
  • A website that features your brand and services
  • Active social media presence related to your services
  • A company that can manage contracts, if applicable

Be very clear about your vision and detailed in your description. Here are some topics that if well developed and included in your proposal would benefit your application:

  • List of services, including their benefits
  • Your mission statement
  • SWOT analysis
  • Your short/mid/long term strategy
  • Your goals
  • Individual skills of your team
  • Why you need access to YouTube’s rollup tool

Sending  the application to YouTube
Once you have you business plan in place, you will need to contact YouTube directly by email using the help button located at the end of YouTube’s page and wait for a reply. Keep in mind that this process is very complex, so it may take some time for YouTube to reply or send you a final decision, if YouTube feels there is value in your proposal. For more details on how to contact YouTube click here.
Note: You need to be logged in on your account, and you need to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). For more information on YPP, click here.

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