Where is the YouTube Partner Program available?

Where is the YouTube Partner Program available?

In order to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), you need to live in a monetized market, as advertisers can only target their ads to countries where YouTube has launched a monetized site. These countries include:

·         Algeria
·         Argentina
·         Australia
·         Austria
·         Azerbaijan
·         Bahrain
·         Belarus
·         Belgium
·         Bosnia and Herzegovina
·         Brazil
·         Bulgaria
·         Canada
·         Chile
·         Colombia
·         Croatia
·         Czech Republic
·         Denmark
·         Egypt
·         Estonia
·         Finland
·         France
·         Georgia
·         Germany
·         Ghana
·         Greece
·         Hong Kong
·         Hungary
·         Iceland
·         India
·         Indonesia
·         Iraq
·         Ireland
·         Israel
·         Italy
·         Japan
·         Jordan
·         Kazakhstan
·         Kenya
·         Kuwait
·         Latvia
·         Lebanon
·         Libya
·         Lithuania
·         Luxembourg
·         Macedonia
·         Malaysia
·         Mexico
·         Montenegro
·         Morocco
·         Netherlands
·         New Zealand
·         Nigeria
·         Norway
·         Oman
·         Peru
·         Philippines
·         Poland
·         Portugal
·         Puerto Rico
·         Qatar
·         Romania
·         Russia
·         Saudi Arabia
·         Senegal
·         Serbia
·         Singapore
·         Slovakia
·         Slovenia
·         South Africa
·         South Korea
·         Spain
·         Sweden
·         Switzerland
·         Taiwan
·         Tanzania
·         Thailand
·         Tunisia
·         Turkey
·         Uganda
·         Ukraine
·         United Arab Emirates
·         United Kingdom
·         United States of America
·         Vietnam
·         Yemen
·         Zimbabwe
Click here if you would like to learn more about the YPP. If your YouTube channel country setting doesn't match any of the countries in which YPP is available, YouTube will disable your monetization feature. Please note that availability of YPP may change. 

We encourage you to learn more about our alternative monetization option, available through Dailymotion via Dashboard.tm - for details please see the following FAQ.

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