Uzer Music - Content ID Match

Uzer Music - Content ID Match

Occasionally, you may receive a Content ID match on some of Uzer / Position Music's songs, but don't worry! If you are a Freedom! partner, simply dispute the claim mentioning that you are a Freedom! partner and asking for the claim to be removed. The claims should be gone in a few hours, although it could take a bit more time during the weekend.

We also ask you to post in the description of every video you use music from Uzer Music that the music was licensed from Uzer Music to Freedom! and include the name of the artist name and song. This should also help avoid possible misunderstandings.
Please note, claims that are for a music composition, which means that there may be more parties claiming the song, are not claims from Uzer / Position Music, so unfortunately we are not able to help you with this claim. If you are unsure of how to proceed, please contact us on support by opening a ticket and selecting Position Music as the type of inquiry. Don’t forget to always mention your Freedom! Custom ID, channel URL, screenshot of the claim, and link to the video. This is help us to give you a faster reply

NOTE: Due to Uzer Music offering being discontinued by Position Music, we are currently not able to offer access to this music library.

Updated: 2021-05-14
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