Can I enable Paid Subscriptions or Paid Content?

Can I enable Paid Subscriptions or Paid Content?

NOTE: These services have been discontinued, however, YouTube introduced Channel Memberships. Learn more here.

Fan Funding is being discontinued on February 28, 2017, Paid Content in December 1, 2017, and Paid Subscriptions on January 1, 2018.

Paid Subscriptions and Paid content are available for established brands. If you feel your channel is a good representation of a well established brand that has many followers, and you would like to enable any of these features, please reach out to us by opening a ticket on support (make sure to mention your Freedom! Custom ID and your channel URL).

For additional information, to understand if this is for you or not, please check the video below.


You should know: you don’t need these features to actually earn money on YouTube. These features can only earn you additional revenue and are not needed at all to generate revenue.

Fan Funding - Subscribers can pay you on a monthly basis or as a onetime payment to support your channel.
Paid Subscriptions - Viewers need to pay in order to get subscribed to your channel.
Paid Content - Viewers need to pay before they can actually watch your content.


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