If I refer a friend do I get paid?

If I refer a friend do I get paid?

Freedom!’s Refer-a-Friend Program Overview

Freedom!’s Refer-a-Friend Program allows pre-qualified channels to earn 15% of Freedom!’s net for up to 1 year for every channel that is accepted for partnership after applying using the referral (aka Refer-a-Friend) link. The referred channel’s revenue is unaffected (we pay from our portion), as our way of saying “Thank you for spreading the love :o)”.

Our Terms of Service and the following details govern the Program; any violation may result in Refer-a-Friend link deactivation and forfeiture of all subsequent earnings from the link.

Qualification Criteria - you must:

  1. Have a channel linked with Freedom!, in good standing, with at least 100,000 monthly views.

  2. Apply, be accepted, and follow the requirements and restrictions of the Program.

  3. Submit at least one URL of their friend's channel they would like to refer to.

Usage Requirements - you are obligated to:

  1. Use the Refer-a-Friend link according to the Program, including only referring your friends - if you wish to recruit for Freedom!, there is an interview and training process to complete.
  2. Use Freedom!’s name, logo, or intellectual property per Freedom!’s brand guidelines.
  3. Ask the channel you are referring to if it is compliant with YouTube policies, guidelines and Terms of Service and meets our 5k subs and 100k views-per-month requirements.
  4. Ask the creator to use your Refer-a-Friend link to apply at Freedom!. This ensures you are credited if the channel is accepted. If the Refer-a-Friend link is not used during the application a screenshot of the conversation(s) will be required from the referrer to confirm its validity.

Usage Restrictions - you must not:

  • Mass distribute or “spam” your Refer-a-Friend link in any form

  • Pay to advertise your Refer-a-Friend link

  • Target or knowingly make your Refer-a-Friend link available to anyone under the age of 13

  • Represent or give the impression that you are employed by Freedom! 

  • Make misleading claims or promises about partnering with Freedom!

  • Misrepresent Freedom!, including its staff, products, services, etc. in any way

  • Incentivize channels to use your Refer-a-Friend link 

  • Engage in or attempt any fraudulent activity

Application Process

  1. Send a request to partners@freedom.tm or via a ticket, AND provide the URL of a friend’s channel you think would be a good fit for Freedom!.
  2. If eligible, you will receive an email with branding guidelines and usage criteria; once you reply confirming your understanding and adherence, you will receive an active Refer-a-Friend link.

When do I get paid the referral earnings?
Referral earnings are paid at the same time as channel earnings. To learn more about our payment schedule, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to our support team by clicking in the "Submit a request" link at the top of this page.

Updated: 2021-08-04
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