YouTube taking tougher approach to protect families

YouTube taking tougher approach to protect families

YouTube released an update regarding the steps they are taking to protect families both on YouTube and YouTube Kids.  Below are 5 ways YouTube is doing this, that represent a more tough approach in the application of their policies:

  • Tougher application of the Community Guidelines and faster enforcement through technology: Application of strict policies against child endangerment, and partner with regional authorities and experts to help enforce these policies and report to law enforcement through NCMEC. Implemented policies to age-restrict (only available to people over 18 and logged in) content with family entertainment characters that containing mature themes or adult humor.

  • Removing ads from inappropriate videos targeting families: Since June 2017, YouTube has already removed ads from 3 million videos, under this policy, and counting.

  • Blocking inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors: Through the use of automated systems and human flagging and work with NCMEC to report illegal behavior to law enforcement. YouTube is also taking a more aggressive stance by turning off all comments on videos of minors where they see inappropriate sexual or predatory comments.

  • Providing guidance for creators who make family-friendly content: Release of a comprehensive guide on how creators can make enriching family content for the app, in the coming weeks.

  • Engaging and learning from experts: While there is some content that clearly doesn’t belong on YouTube, there is other content that is more challenging for YouTube to make a clear decision on. For example, cartoons that are targeted towards adults, and feature characters doing things not appropriate for children. Could be ok for YouTube or if age restriction is applied, but not for someone younger. Similarly, an adult dressed as a popular family character could be questionable content for some audiences, but could also be meant for adults recorded at a comic book convention. To help YouTube better understand how to treat this content, they will be growing the number of experts they work with, and doubling the number of Trusted Flaggers they partner with in this area.


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