YouTube’s On The Rise Creators and Artists

YouTube’s On The Rise Creators and Artists

In 2017, YouTube started “On The Rise” to highlight up-and-coming creators and artists.  More and more great videos are being uploaded daily and channels (only from selected countries for now) with 1,000 subscribers or more gets a chance to be featured on YouTube’s Trending Tab.

This is a good initiative from YouTube which will help channels to grow further since they may get more visitors than usual and it also inspires channel owners to make more quality content


Here are some information you need to know about the selection of creators:

Channel content:

  • Artist on the Rise: Showcases a new music video from an emerging music artist
  • Creator on the Rise: Highlights an emerging YouTube channel (non-music)

Countries supported:

  • Artist on the Rise: United States (3 per week)
  • Creator on the Rise: United States (3 per week); Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and United Kingdom (1 per week). For an up-to-date list, please visit YouTube’s official page.

Criteria and selection notification:

There is no application process, YouTube’s team will select which creator is eligible to be featured. YouTube explained on their Creator Blog post that On The Rise creators and artists will be selected based on but not limited to view count, watch time and subscriber growth.

If selected, an email and mobile notification will be sent by YouTube on the day it will be shown on the trending tab.


To know more about the creator and artist On The Rise, you may also visit this YouTube Help article


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