How do I get YouTube's Play Button Award?

How do I get YouTube's Play Button Award?

To celebrate your achievements YouTube created the YouTube Creator Awards. This award, in form of a Play Button, is given to those who reach a certain number of subscribers.

There are three tiers:

  • 100,000 Subscribers - Silver Play Button
  • 1,000.000 Subscribers - Gold Play Button
  • 10,000.000 Subscribers - Diamond Play Button


How do you claim your Play Button once you reach one of the milestones?

In the month after you reach one of the above milestones you should receive a notification on your YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard so that you can add your personal information for the delivery of the award.


Does everyone who reaches a milestone qualifies for the award?

YouTube only gives the award to the channels that have legitimately earned their subscribers, and have always followed YouTube's policies, terms and guidelines, as well as meet other internal criteria. YouTube also reserves the right to distribute the awards at their discretion.

Also to note is that if your YouTube account is not currently in good standing, YouTube will not process your request (i.e. strike in channel).


For more additional information, please visit this page.

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