YouTube known issues and how to report a problem to YouTube

YouTube known issues and how to report a problem to YouTube

YouTube is always looking for ways to identify and solve issues, and the help of the community in reporting those issues is greatly appreciated. 

You can check what issues have already been identified that YouTube is looking into by going to this page. In fact, you may already find an official reply from YouTube regarding the problem, so be sure to go check this page before reporting an issue.

However, if you have not found a helpful tip or reply to the issue you found, make sure you report it, as your feedback can help solve the issue faster. To report an issue to YouTube, please follow the steps mentioned in this page.


Below are some of the known issues:


November 3, 2017

Some videos are not being shown in your subscriptions feed - Check for updates



Although Freedom! can't actually solve issues related to the YouTube platform, we may have some tips that can help you, so feel free to contact ou support team by clicking in the "Submit a request" link at the top of this page.

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