Channel Memberships coming to YouTube in 2017 - Sign up for the Beta

Channel Memberships coming to YouTube in 2017 - Sign up for the Beta

As some of you already know, YouTube is working on a Channel Membership program (previously known as Sponsorships) for YouTube Gaming. This program allows the community to send a monthly payment to support their favorite creators. Users are then recognized as sponsors in the live chat with a Sponsor badge. 

After listening to the creators, YouTube will also be introducing custom emojis for sponsors to use in the chat. To know more about the process of sponsoring a channel, click here.

Beta sign up
If you would like to be considered to participate in the beta testing, fill out this form.

This program has been in development for a few years and has been used by a select number of creators since 2015. YouTube announced that the Channel Membership program will be broadly available to all eligible YouTube Gaming creators sometime in 2017.

Channel Memberships require 100,000 subscribers. To check all the requirements, click here.

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