Freedom! offers a 50% referral revenue share until the end of 2017

Freedom! offers a 50% referral revenue share until the end of 2017

From August 1st, 2017 until December 31st, 2017, you can earn 50% revenue share from Freedom!, for 1 year, for any channels that join Freedom! using your "referral link".

Additionally, Freedom! is collecting the information of all the channels you recruit in spreadsheet, and those at the top will get a surprise bonus. George, CEO of Freedom!, will announce what that bonus will be in a future episode of The George Show, in the Freedom! channel. If you haven't subscribe to that channel yet, now would be a good time.

Freedom! may expand this program beyond 2017, depending on how successful it is.

If you know channels that are leaving other networks or looking for a good partnership and you are a proud member of the Freedom! family, you can tell your friends to use your referral link to join Freedom!

Your referral link is available in the "Earn more" menu under "Referral" in the Freedom! dashboard. To learn more about the referral link, click here.

For the official announcement from the CEO of Freedom!, check the video below:

If you have any question or concern, make sure to contact our friendly support team by clicking in the "Submit a request" link the top of this page.

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