How does the upload of content to Dailymotion work?

How does the upload of content to Dailymotion work?


Just as on YouTube, you will need to follow the platform Terms of Use. For your protection, Freedom! will also be filtering content and we may deny upload of specific content, if it breaks the Dailymotion Terms of Use. Basically, respect the copyright and spam policies. Additionally, here is a list of content that Dailymotion doesn’t allow on the site.



Dailymotion has a 10 video a day restriction, and each video can’t be longer than 60 minutes. If you have longer videos, consider splitting them to fit the restrictions.

Those that have a YouTube channel will be able to upload the videos to their Dailymotion channel without the need of manually upload them. This is done through our dashboard features.

Once you have connected your YouTube channel to the dashboard you will be able to select which videos to upload and what interval to upload them, usually starting from 1 per day. After that you can use the Sync feature to update your videos list from YouTube, so that you have all the latest videos in your dashboard.

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